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Tooth Decay | Case Study
Tooth Decay | Case Study

Name: Venkatesh / Age: 18

The problem which Venkatesh was facing – Tooth Decay

Venkatesh was in his teenage where he was facing tooth decay and hadn’t visited the dentist in several years. He visited Apollo Dental in Kondapur and consulted with Dr. Siva Nagini. He was having a toothache for a few days. Dr.Siva Nagini probed into his teeth with dental instruments to check for soft areas. She also conducted Dental X-rays where he was diagnosed with Cavities in his Second Lower Molar on each side and Second Upper Molar on each side. The cause for his cavities was due to unhygienic oral care.

On further diagnosis, the doctor declared that the decay reached beyond the early stage and needs to be treated by Fillings. During the treatment, local anesthesia was given to numb the tooth area of the patient. The cavities were removed and affected teeth were repaired with white resin selected to match the shade of the Molars. Some medication was advised to reduce the pain.

The patient was satisfied with the treatment and was advised to take care of his oral hygiene.

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