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Periodontal disease | Case Study
Periodontal disease | Case Study
Name: Sandeep / Age: 57

The problem which Sandeep was facing – Periodontal disease

Mr. Sandeep visited our – ‘Apollo Dental Clinic’ in Kondapur when he was having trouble chewing food, and he found a swollen gum that was dusky red. Sandeep was a bit anxious because one of his relatives had an Oral Cancer. Dr. Siva Nagini made him calm and examined at what was troubling Sandeep. After diagnosing she told Sandeep that he has Periodontal disease and that she can help him in relief.

When Sandeep agreed Dr. Siva Nagini and her team professionally cleaned and removed plaque build-up and tartar from the teeth and their roots. Periodontal pockets which were formed were deeply cleansed to enable the healing process. After the treatment was done, she prescribed some medicines and recommended him to have proper oral hygiene.

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