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Advanced Dentistry | Cases
Advanced Dentistry | Cases
Name: Priya / Age: 48

The problem which Priya was facing – Advanced Dentistry

Mrs. Priya from Hyderabad visited our clinic – ‘Apollo Dental’ in Kondapur, with a serious issue of grossly decayed anterior and posterior teeth. It was her first time visiting a dentist because she had a childhood fear of dental treatments and tools. Dr. Siva Nagini made her comfortable and started to diagnose her problem. Dr. Siva Nagini created a treatment plan for Mrs. Priya and explained that her teeth could be restored, and she could enjoy her favourite food again as she used to before.

Mrs. Priya agreed to the treatment.

Dr. Siva Nagini and her team used 3D Intraoral Scanners, Laser Dentistry, Painless Dentistry, and Microscopic Dentistry to completely restore her teeth. During the process, she made sure that Mrs. Priya doesn’t get nervous or panicked. Finally, after the treatment was finished, she was able to enjoy her food with her family and spouse.

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