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Wisdom Tooth Ache
Wisdom Tooth Ache
Name: Neetu / Age: 25

The problem which Neetu was facing – Wisdom Tooth Ache

A 25-year-old Neetu was suffering from an infected lower right wisdom tooth. For three weeks, she experienced discomfort, and, for one week, she had been limited by trismus (reduced opening of the jaw caused by spasm of the muscles of mastication). She had no relevant medical history.

Dr.Siva Nagini and team on examination, tooth 18 and tooth 48 were found to have partially erupted. The mucosa surrounding tooth 48 was tender. Trismus had progressed to the limiting state of 1FB mouth opening. The patient’s wide-view x-ray of the lower face was reviewed.

On diagnosis Dr.Siva Nagini and her team found Pericoronitis (inflammation of the gingival tissue surrounding the coronal portion of tooth 48), necessitating the removal of tooth 48. The main risks associated with leaving the tooth in situ were nil improvement and the formation of an abscess.

The team suggested the treatment which includes the surgical removal of tooth 18 and tooth 48. The teeth were removed whilst the patient was under general anesthesia.

The procedure to remove teeth 18 and 48 was successful. The area healed well and the patient’s pain and trismus were eliminated.

The patient was pleased with the treatment outcome.

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