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Dentures | Case Study
Dentures | Case Study
Name: Gayathri / Age: 82

The problem which Gayathri was facing – Complete Denture

Mrs. Gayathri visited our – ‘Apollo Dental Clinic’ in Kondapur. Her son wanted her to get a complete denture, so she doesn’t have only liquid or chewing diets. But Mrs. Gayathri was in a constant argument with her son that she doesn’t want that, and he shouldn’t have brought her by telling lies. Dr. Siva Nagini heard their conversation and approached her with a smile, telling her that having a complete denture will be helpful for her in many ways.

Dr. Siva Nagini and her team started the procedure of denture and after two months Mrs. Gayathri was relieved to have all the teeth and she could switch from having a liquid diet to solid food. She thanked Dr. Siva Nagini and her team for gentle care during the whole process.

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