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Dental Implant | Case Study
Dental Implant | Case Study

 Name: Shantha /Age: 60

patient-with-clinician-28 Shantha

Implant Case Summary:
A 60 year old female patient name Shantha has come to the department with the chief complaint of missing teeth in the maxillary and mandibular arches. A fixed implant supported treatment option was chosen for the patient. The bone was evaluated for bone length and width. CBCT evaluation was done Nobel implant placement was done with suturing of the implant site. Ridge split on the maxillary arch was done. 6 implants in the maxillary arch and 2 implants in the mandibular arch were supported fixed placed. Implant prosthesis was planned after 6 months. Periodic evaluaion was done to evaluate the healing of implant to bone interface.

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