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Dental Implant | Case Study
Dental Implant | Case Study

 Name: Sasikala /Age: 52

patient-with-clinician-47 Sasikala

SUMMARY: Case of 52 years old female Sasikala reported to the clinic was taken to evaluate the level of osseointegration seeking permanent prosthesis irt 36.RVG and crestal bone loss.No radiographic bone loss changes were observed. On examination screw retained prosthesis was planned.stage 2 recovery was performed following healing abutment placement and impresSIon was made using closed tray ( snappy) technique.jig thal was performed to check the accuracy of master cast followed by metal trial to check the fit and clearance which was found to be acCurate.inal crown cementation was done after wrenching to a final torque value of 25Ncm and checked for high points and occlusion.postoperative RVG was taken to check the fit.Maintenance and hyaiene instructions were qiven and patient is asked to report for review after 6 months.

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