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COVID-19 Vaccination

A COVID‑19 vaccine is a vaccine intended to provide acquired immunity. The COVID‑19 vaccines are widely credited for their role in reducing the spread of COVID‑19 and reducing the severity and death caused by COVID‑19.

The Central Government has given approval for two COVID-19 vaccinations, one being Oxford- AstraZeneca’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin.
Citizens above the age of 18 years are feasible to take the vaccination.

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Still hesitant about taking your Booster Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Here’s Why you should take it.

The omicron variant has been relatively harmless but taking the booster dose can shield you against the next variant.

A COVID booster shot is an additional dose of a vaccine given after the protection provided by the original shot(s) has begun to decrease over time. The booster helps people maintain strong protection

A COVID-19 vaccine dose is necessary

It helps reduce waning immunity

Though data on the immunogenicity of some COVID vaccines suggest that antibodies persist for at least 6 months, the waning of neutralizing antibodies has been reported. So booster dose could offer better protection.

Vaccine effectiveness

Some reduction in vaccine effectiveness has been reported for some variants of concern. While breakthrough infections” are still expected, the vast majority are less severe than those seen in unvaccinated people.

Weakened immune system

People who have a moderately or severely weakened immune system should surely get an additional primary shot and a booster shot.

It’s time to get your COVID-19 VACCINE dose.

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